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Baboo's cookbooks

The Alba Cookbook

Edited by Nancy Reyes-Lumen


One of my favorite recipe books because I like Spanish cuisine. You get more out the Alba cookbooks than dining at the restaurant. Some of the food in the cookbook cannot be found in the restaurant's menu, especially the green paella posted in I-Eat.


Two recipes are featured in the I-Eat. The beef stew goes well with either salad, pasta, rice, or the biofortified vitamin A maize casserole. This is my favorite combination. The paella verde, also from Sr. Alba, is posted in Let's Eat and makes a good match with the beef stew. 


Another interesting recipe from this cookbook is the ensalada valencia, which I hardly prepare because I am not fond of raw vegetablet. But this salad is OK! It comes with a unique dressing mix of mango, cheese, mint leaves, lemon juice, apple. It is a succulent and refreshing dish!!

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