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Eat Out

Food Tripping in NYC

Babs October 2015


I was dreading the six day trip to NYC thinking what the hell am I going to do there for that long? I am not much of a shopper, at least not high end stuff, and most of what they have in NYC we have in DC. I am not much of a broadway fan either because I am not cultured THAT WAY! My idea of cultural experience is community emersion, and food and drink.


We left DC while Pope Francis was addressing congress. We made it to NYC where the Pontif will follow in the afternoon. No, we are not travelling together, but sure feels like it! We were in Manila when Pope Francis visited in January, and the year before, we were at the Vatican for a once in a lifetime experience of actually staying with the Holy guy! 

Food Diary: Munich, Lausanne, Geneva, Venice

Babs May 2015


Munich was meat galore in different forms and sizes, chops, sausages, shank, and offals. Breakfast was interesting because they served cheesecake. I am not a cheesecake person, never really liked it but the Germans make the best ones, plain and simple without the fruit jam topping. It is even better when accompanied by morning black coffee. Another sweet breakfast is the apple pancake/apple pie. It is literally chunks of apples formed in a round dish. It is as thick as the cheesecake, but instead of cheese, it’s all chunks of apple. It's like one whole tree of apples fit into one cheesecake pan. One slice will surely keep the doctors away.

Penn Quarter comfort food

Babs February 2015


Winter can be depressing! even with the sun shining in 10 degrees weather will make you want to stay in your PJs and hide under the covers, but then you have to get out of bed to EAT!


I could warm myself in front of the stove while cooking but I would have to braze the cold to buy ingredients for whatever dish that might give me some warmth. So instead, I seek comfort from Full Kee across the street for some duck noodle soup. Full Kee is one of the oldest surviving Chinese restaurants in Chinatown DC. It is not a fancy restaurant, in fact, it is a very typical Chinese restaurant with a window display of roasted duck, plain wooden tables with condiments of chilli sauce and soy sauce, and paper place mats with chinese characters written all over it. 

THA-XING: A restaurant without a menu

Babs November 2014


2020 9th St NW Washington DC


Located in the not so pleasant, somewhat seedy, neighborhood in the District of Columbia, Thai-xing serves authentic Thai food (for real!), with no menu but reservations is a must. The meal is pre set and served almost immediately after you settle in your seat. No tough decisions to be made, and surely makes life simple especially when you are dining with indecisive diners. It is not fine dining restaurant hidden in the back alleys or trying to be a stand out in one of the most rugged areas of DC. The waiters are in round neck cotton shirt with some kind of oriental print, matched with an apron, and faded jeans. 

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