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  • Cristina Sison

Duck Salad and Cranberry Dressing

Salads are not my favorite dish! I like my veggies sauteed and cooked!

The roasted duck (store bought from Chinatown Express on 6th and H) adds the Asian flare to this recipe. It can be added to your favorite salad concoction. However, the best dressing to go with the duck, and the fruits is balsamic. My personal favorite is the Raspberry balsamic dressing that tames the fatty flavor of the duck without overpowering the meaty duck flavor.

I do not recommend the aragula for greens because of its pungent flavor, but go for either baby spinach or lettuces, or combination of greens.


1/2 roasted or cooked duck, chopped (discard bones)

I bag of baby spinach

1 can of mandarin

1/2 fresh raspberry

6 pcs of cherry tomatoes

Combine all ingredients and toss.

Top with shredded parmesan cheese, glazed walnuts, and sundried tomatoes.

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